Steetley Pier, Crimdon Dean 

Located off the North Sands, up the coast from The Headland, this impressive 2,000ft pier was originally built in the 1960s to to provide freshwater to the former Steetley Magnesite. 

Although not for walking along, this awe-inspiring structure is a favourite among local photographers for the breath taking shots looking out over the North Sea. 

Seaton Carew Beach

One of the most visited places in Hartlepool, this beach has recently been granted the Seaside Award 2024 for its safety, cleanliness and high environmental standards.

Take a walk along the shoreline an admire the beauty of our North East Coastline. To the north we have the Historic Headland whilst to the south there is the lighthouse of South Gare and Boulby Cliff beyond.  


The Headland

This ancient borough of Hartlepool has a unique story that can be traced back to the 1200s. 

With it’s medieval town walls and magnificent St Hilda’s Church this historic area of Hartlepool is not one to miss. Take a walk around The Headland to discover Hartlepool’s hidden treasures.  

Hartlepool Marina

The Marina encapsulates Hartlepool’s maritime past, present and future. This award winning location boasts captivating array of restaurants, cafes and bistros. Grab some food and take your shots at sunset over looking the Marina. 

If history is more what you are after the Marina is also home to the Museum of Hartlepool and the National Museum of the Royal Navy which is the resident birth of the HMS Trincomalee, the oldest floating British warship

Ward Jackson Park

 Named after one of the town’s founders, Ralph Ward Jackson, this stunning park has it all. 

Dating back to the 1800’s you will find the original lodge house, fountain, bandstand and clock tower.

Take walk through the immaculate gardens with their blooming borders or if it wildlife you’re looking for head for the woodland walk.