Hartlepool Power Station Visitor Centre

  • Location

    Hartlepool Power Station, Tees Road, TS25 2BZ
  • Opening Hours

    Monday to Friday: 9am-4pm
  • Contact Number

    01429 853582
  • Website

    Click here

Ran by EDF Energy who now own the Power Station, the visitors centre offers a variety of fun and educational activities and workshop. The centre is currently a member of the Partnership for Nature Group and shares a building with Teesmouth Field Centre. Environmental conservation and education are important priorities for the centre.

Activities vary year on year – over the 2014 Summer Holidays there were a variety of activities on that promoted bringing wildlife to your garden, this included making habitats for birds, bats, insects and butterflies and learning all about the creatures in question. Educational workshops are a great way to get kids thinking – such examples include building basic electric circuits and understanding the importance of energy mix.

Also on offer are exciting tours of the Power Station, showing you how the energy is made and how it is sent to your home. Booking is necessary for the activities and tours on offer. Tours must be booked at least 3 weeks in advance. Please contact Hartlepoolsitetours@edf-energy.com with your requirement.