Thundercat Racing Co-pilot Experience

  • Location

    The Lockoffice, Hartlepool Marina, TS24 0RU
  • Contact Number

    01429 865744
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    Click here

Thundercats are a new breed of two-man inflatable powerboats which reach speeds of more than 60 miles an hour and can out-manoeuvre any other vessel of a similar size. They are designed to skim across the water with the hull riding on a cushion of air bubbles.

In the past few years Thundercat racing has become increasingly popular around the world. As well as being an exciting spectator sport, the comparatively low cost of the boats makes it an attractive pastime as well.

Adrenaline Appetite: Checkout the ‘M’ Race Circuit with 5 turn buoys and a chicane and learn about Thundercat Basics. Duration: 20 minutes approximately.

Need for Speed: Hit the ‘M’ course at High Speed, learn about boat handling and speed techniques, experience some high octane 2 boat race mode. Requires two persons minimum. Duration: 1 hour approximately.

Exclusive Extreme: Designed for groups up to 8 persons. Battle it out against your friends, family, colleagues and corporates with multiple race mode timed runs. Feel the glory with a podium presentation and take home a souvenir action shot of your experience. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes approximately.

Minimum age for participants is 8 years. A disclaimer must be signed to participate in activities. Advisable to book in advance or call on the day as events are cancelled in adverse weather.