Get familiar with the story of Hartlepool – there are so many fun experiences to be had learning about our unique past. 

Did you know that Hartlepool was originally two towns? Or that it’s original town, known these days as The Headland, was the site of an Anglo-Saxon monastery founded in 640 AD?

Take a trip to the Museum of Hartlepool and begin to uncover even more of Hartlepool’s fascinating heritage. Walk through 5000 years of history and discover the complete story of Hartlepool told through a series exhibits and collections. It’s an absolute must for those inquisitive history-buffs – not to mention its free too!

An historic insight into Hartlepool would not be complete without a trip to the glorious Headland – the ancient borough of Hartlepool. Remnant of Hartlepool’s Saxon heritage and undoubtedly the crowning glory of the Headland is the historic St Hilda’s Church. This impressive architectural structure is a truly stunning landmark. Gasp at its beauty and journey inside to its visitor centre where you will uncover the history of the Church as well as the Headland with fantastic modern displays (some interactive) and on-hand guides to answer all your questions.

Another important Headland attraction is the Heugh Battery Museum – this faithfully restored coastal defence battery sits on the site of the only First World War battlefield in Britain. The museum tells the story of the Bombardment of the Hartlepools, which took place on Wednesday 16th December 1914, when the town became engaged in ship-to-shore combat with the German navy. Accompanied by an eclectic collection of military artefacts and artillery pieces, its not to be missed. 

This devastating yet important part of the town’s history is recognised in tribute at the Headland War Memorial. Standing in the centre is the triumphant ‘Winged Victory’, a symbolic figure dedicated to those Hartlepool civilians and military servicemen who lost their lives in the First and Second World War’s.

The Headland area is embedded in history – from the maritime architecture of its seafront area to the quirky character of its old Victorian houses, there’s so much to discover. Take a stroll through the borough and relish in its rich heritage.

Fancying something a little different? Cameron’s Brewery and Hartlepool Power Station both offer interesting and fully immersive tours inside their working factories. So if you want to learn more about how beer is made or the process to which electricity reaches your home visit these fun and quirky experiences.

Up for more adventure? Journey into the outskirts of Hartlepool and take a walk through its surrounding villages of Greatham and Hart. Even more of the town’s interesting history will be revealed.